Ann Marie's Roots in Coffee

When I first started in the coffee business over 30 years ago I was training my customers in Specialty Coffee in a remote area of Wisconsin.   Specialty coffee was just getting noticed in the midwest after having a strong foothold on the west coast and some areas of the east coast.   Fortunately for myself I had a mentor and a strong tie to the Specialty Coffee Association .  Through what I learned I  could pass on valuable information to my customers.   In this day and age people really are much more informed and typically know what kind of taste they like.   None the less, getting your palette started in coffee is somewhat overwhelming when there are so many choices.    We like to  take the time at Ann Marie's to answer your questions and help you decide on the choice of coffee.  For some it is the big taste of dark roast- a taste that comes through milk like in a latte or cappuccino.  For others  it is just a bold cup of coffee,  not necessarily dark roast, so they can savor the nuances of coffee, and of course many have their favorite regions- Africa, Indonesia, Central American.  We like to go through the regional differences with our customers and I think they enjoy the journey.     Finally our offering of flavored coffee has always been popular and unique and has a big following.

Whatever your question or if you'd like to venture out and try something new, be sure to stop in to our store in downtown Minocqua and chat with us...we'd love to introduce you to our fresh roasted coffee (yes, roasted right there in the store).     Or email us at and we can assist you.   And of course, we ship worldwide!   800-706-9993

~ Ann Marie